Unspoken Death System


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Alright time to do a wall of text to explain the death System ill try my best to keep it nice and simple while covering all that i can about the system in this post if you have any questions about it you can post them here for better management alright lets get into it.

Unspoken Death:

When a player over the level of 26 dies in unspoken their soul will be sent to the underworld unless a player is carrying a Soul Shard when a player dies and has soul Shard in their inventory depending on the grade of the soul shard they will either be resurrected on the spot or will be sent back to the Cathedral. players resurrected on the spot will suffer no -exp loss however if a player is sent to the cathedral they will loose part of their memories (Exp).

If a player that is under the level of 25 dies they will not be sent to the underworld. Instead the goddess Inera will bless and save the soul resulting in the player waking up in the cathedral with no memory loss as well as receive a small blessing.

The Underworld:

The underworld is a place in unspoken where all the fallen players are sent when a player is sent here its basically game over at this point you can consider your char in a perma death system unless they are able to escape the underworld (more on this later). When a player is sent to the underworld by death their save spot as well as re spawn spot is saved in this realm all that lurks in this dark realm are Death Guardians That will constantly kill any player that leaves the safe zone these mobs are considered to be Top Tier monsters with Rankings above [A] on par with guardians from the boss tower of the upper Floors

Soul Shards
A Soul hard is a special item that is made by players that will allow them to escape being sent to the underworld. When Making a soul shard there is 3 possible outcome for the grade of the shard below is a list of the possible grades and their effects.

{C}Soul Shard basic and most common shard at this grade the shard will resurrect the fallen player at the cathedral and they will suffer normal memory loss
{B}Soul Shard This shard has been made with the most elite ingredients as well as care this will allow the player to resurrect on the spot with low memory loss
{A}Soul Shard The best of the best at this grade the soul shard will resurrect the fallen player on the spot with no memory loss

Soul Tear
Soul Tears.png

This is a special Rare item that will allow a player to be summon back from the underworld this however will not reset the players save point so they would need to restore that save point or risk of going back to the underworld if they use a return spell
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